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Scritto da Damianos Damianakos   
giovedì 23 febbraio 2017
Autore schedaL. Poleo, C. Sicurella, S. Zatti
ToponimoGuastalla (RE)
Anno di progetto2015
Docente tutorD.Damianokos, M.Cillis
Tipologia funzionaleGiardino
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The   project for  the  new  city  of  Guastalla achieved   all  the  objectives and   constraints identified during the analysis phase. The   ancient  lines  of  Guastalla,  designed  by  Giunti and   Volterra  are  resumed and completed,  it   will   became   a   Renaissance  citadel   or   a   "cité   universitaire"  and   its perpendicular centrai   arms,    designed by  the  Volterra, will  continue and  connect the whole  city and  the system  of Cispadane. The  study of  the  ancient documentation and  the  drafting of semiologies and  visibility showed the  need  to  rely  on  Roman Centuriatio which harmonized at  the  best  all  the design   aspects.   The  Roman Centuriatio  its  contaminateci  by  other  urban  concept creating a "melting pot  of design". The  rigid  Roman Centuriatio was  broken by other references  such  as the Etoile  in Paris,  the La Brea Park of Los Angeles  or the Oiagonals of Barcelona. This   breakings permitt  us  to  have  a  better  structure of  the  city,    shifting functions and  important  urbanization and  finally  can  create  green  wedges  that  protects from  the traffic and  improve the overall quality of the  urban environment. Besides  having green  wedges  there  are  green  strips  parallel  to  the  cardo  which fulfilling the  standards  and   a  large  urban  park  with   recreational  and   religious   functions that protects the city from  the railroad.



There is an important presence  (and study) of  green. To  prevent urban development to  the  Golena Protected Park  there  are large  productive wooded areas. The  main  arteries  break  the  urban  grid  creating green wedges. The  city is crossed  from  north to south by 6 bands  of green that  performs the standard. The  south-east host  the  large  park  that  endoses the  sports,   recreational and   religious functions and acts as a filter against  the  railway. The  city  and  the  citè are  endosed by  a green  belt  that  takes  its cue  from   the  existing necessary   embankment, marking a  border   permeable  to  the   landscape  and   offers  a pleasant  walk,  the  variations of altitude allow,  in some  places, to have view aver  the  city and  the surrounding countryside.



Stefano Storchi, "Guastalla città dei Gonzaga e dei Borbone", a cura dell'Amministrazione Comunale, 1982.

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